How we helped 4x4electric communicate their sustainable mission through a user-friendly website.

Bianca Schuurman
03/11/2022 - 3 min read
maarten 4x4electric

Earlier this year, we became partner with 4x4electric and their sustainable mission: to travel to Africa and back, riding only electric.

Friday, 4 November, they will leave The Netherlands and ride 40,000 km with a car charged by solar panels, which is something never done before.

We were more than happy to be able to be part of this innovative adventure.

How we designed a website made to tell a story and connect with the audience

4x4electric came to us with whether we could create a new website that better communicates their sustainable mission. They had a website already, but the website could use some improvements. We decided to make a brand-new website using tools that we believe that gives them and the visitor a better experience.

One of the first requests, was to make a website that could be changed by them, if they needed to do so. The website is built on WordPress, and we decided to use Elementor as builder. Elementor has the perfect formula for business owners that want the freedom. It not only gives freedom to the website owner, but it also delivers a good performance for the website visitor, and it is a great tool to work as developer. It is pretty scalable as well, and it gives developers more advanced possibilities to work with.

Another request was that the website had to be live before their first sustainable trip around The Netherlands with their electric car. The deadline was set for the end September.

Our strategy to design and build a the user-friendly website

Our approach was to translate their mission and vision on a beautiful and strategically designed website.

The website is built to tell a story. The homepage is made to look like a map. Besides, we tried to put a lot of text into more images and make the website more dynamic, so the user could interact with the website instead of only reading the information on it.

homepage 4x4electric
The reference to maps on the homepage
how the idea was born page from 4x4electric
How the arrow guides the user to read the next step

User experience is essential to us. Each page is designed from the perspective of the user and the whole design is clean, modern, and easy to use. We also restructured the architecture, so the user can find the information faster.

In six weeks, we were able to meet the deadline and delivery a user-friendly, clean, and beautiful website to 4x4electric.

Data-driven optimization during the expedition

Building the website is not the end. While Renske and Maarten are sustainable traveling with their electric car, we will keep their website up to date, safe, and optimized.

We will work on collecting and analyzing their data to make data-driven decisions to optimize their website. We want to study how the user behaves on their website, and we will work on A/B tests to understand what works better and get those conversions higher.

Contributing for the future of sustainability

Such an experiment is never been done before. In this matter, 4x4electric is a pioneer. We are very excited to be part of this adventure and look forward to seeing how it will impact the future of sustainability.

renske, maarten en bianca posing with the car

While they are traveling, they can be assured that their website will be taken care of by us.

The sustainable expedition starts this Friday from Haelen, and will take one year to be completed. We are inspired by this adventure and wish Renske and Maarten a very nice expedition full of great moments and learnings!

If you want to stay up to date on their expedition, follow them on Instagram or LinkedIn.